Friday, 18 November 2016

5 Tips to Get New Customers Fast

customer acquisition

Customer acquisition or getting new clients to your business is an essential thing. If you are failing to do so, then there is need to take it seriously.

In this article, I am going to show you five ways that can increase your customer acquisition rate. You can also read more about customer acquisition in this article.

1. Resend Email:

Sending emails to the people who didn't open it. It seriously increases the free rate. I have at many places that marketers have done the experiment that astonishingly they were able to increase the engagement to their emails. You need to experiment with the things to get most benefits out of the things. Send emails with different titles using these generators. This keeps you away to be looking spammy.  

2.  Update old blog posts:

Updating the old blog posts can get you a chance to have more customers to your business. It has been seen that the post published today will go past in few days and no one will read them. Page at 30-40 pages is no longer adding value to your blog until they reach to the audience. Always update your old blog posts and get a chance to promote it with the beginning. 

3. Include the Content up gradation:

Offering something valuable thing in between the content work like a charm. You can provide something useful to your audience and get their emails into the optin form. Believe me; it works well. 

4. Mention the other product in your article: 

It gives more exposure to your product website. Try to mention the similar products in your niche. And tag the products brand while you produce them on social media. It will draw their attention towards your brand. It might be possible that they will reshare it. 

5 Acquire Websites

This thing work well. If you have the budget, then buy the websites which are already ranking for few keywords which you want to target. Only bring their content to your site after purchasing and finally made a 301 redirect for permanent link juice. 


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