Friday, 4 March 2016

Top 5 Old School Seo Techniques that you need to Stop Now

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Seo is most important aspect of every web page online to rank high in the Google. People are overwhelmed by abusing the SEO practices so Google has to put them in the garbage as soon as it can list only quality posts.

Google is being listed the wrong SEO practices and declaring guidelines to stop the ranking abuses made by the many SEOs.

If you are still using old SEO techniques that Google does not allow any more, you are directly wasting your time. I want to aware you about those old SEO technologies in this blog post.

1. Article Submission:

Earlier article submission was the one of the best resources to earn the quality backlinks, and people have started to spam it, thus, it has become an old school SEO technique.

2. Directory Submission:

Directory submission is no longer helping webmaster. Only short term niche blogs take the advice of it to spam over Google. If you are running a long term blog, if I want you not to use frequently.

3. Blog commenting:

Blog commenting is not as effective as it was before for link building. However, it is the best way to create engagement with the site owners. Just use it to create engagement with the influential bodies and individuals in your niche. You can feel the improvement in your presence. Always use a targeted site for blog commenting otherwise your efforts are useless.

4. Keyword Spamming

Are you still spamming keyword to rank high in the Google? However, such practices are working still for some of the websites. I have analyzed some of the sites in the Google search. When I looked into their meta description, they were out of the limit that Google has decided for it. This is no longer be effective as Google is releasing updates frequently.

5. Link Exchange

It’s a dangerous practice if you are getting links from a spammed source. Learn from here the complete guide about link exchange.


We couldn’t say for sure that the above SEO techniques have stopped working altogether. They may work for you if you use them in the right way.

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